Details of FAFMIP models and progress of experiments

This table gives details of models whose FAFMIP data is intended for CMIP6 analysis. Some of them are pre-CMIP6 models, which you have been used for CMIP6 DECK and historical experiments.

Centre and/or modelWho Ocean resolution and levels FAFMIP experiments whenAvailability
ACCESS-CM2MarslandMOM 1→1/3° tripolar z*Second half of 2018
CCCma CanESM2Saenko1.4° x 0.93° 40zCompletedOn request
CCCma CanESM5SaenkoORCA1→1/3° tripolar 46zfaf-stress -water -passiveheat done, others remain to be done in Apr 2019
CNRM-CM6-1SalasORCA1→1/3° tripolar 75zSummer 2019
GFDL-CM4WintonMOM5 1→1/3° 50zfaf-stress -water done, -heat not implemented
GFDL-ESM2MWintonMOM5 1→1/3° 50zCompleted
GISS2.1Romanou1° 40zNo information
HadCM3Gregory1.25° 20zCompletedOn request
HadGEM2-ESGregory1→1/3° 40zCompletedOn request
HadGEM3-lrGregoryORCA1→1/3° tripolar 75zRunning in Apr 2019
HadGEM3-hrGregoryORCA 1/4° tripolar 75zProbably not during 2019
IPSL-CM6-LRSwingedouwORCA1→1/3° tripolar 75zNo information
MIROC6SuzukiCOCO4.9 1° tripolar 63zCompletedSome variables on request
MPI-ESM1.2-LRJungclausMPIOM1.65 1.5° 40zCompletedBeing CMORIsed in Apr 2019 for publication
MPI-ESM1.2-HRJungclausMPIOM1.65 0.4° tripolar 40zCompletedBeing CMORIsed in Apr 2019 for publication
MRI-ESM2IshiiMRI.COMv4 1° x 0.5° tripolar 61zAugust 2019
NCAR CCSMHuPOP2 1→1/3° rotated-pole 60zIn preparation in Apr 2019

Last updated by Jonathan Gregory on 10th May 2019